The quality of meat is directly proportionate to the following

  1. How the animal was raised
  2. Where the animal was raised
  3. What the animal eats during its life cycle
  4. How the animal was transported
  5. The abattoirs process
  6. The Cold Chain
  7. Care and handling in the value chain
  8. Production control procedures to consumer

We consider every single aspect outlined and will ensure that we adhere to the best practice on all through our personal relationships with our farmers and a full understanding of how they treat their animals throughout their life cycle.

Animals allowed to develop naturally, freely and ultimately developing the flavour intended by nature – it’s what we’re after.


I grew up on farms and in a small farming community in Northern Kwazulu Natal – Vryheid – The region is surrounded by mountainous endless forestry, lush green grazing and high precipitation and produces some of the purest cattle in the world –  My father still farms on Jagpad just outside town – specializes in weaner calf production and has a beautiful Simbra heard he developed over 22 years of farming – A combination of Simmentaler from the Schefermann’s 63 years of breading genetics and crossed with the hardy Brahmen to be more resilient to his region.

My grandfather farms in the heart of the Karoo – Sutherland – A Lamb farmer for the last 45 years and cattle farmer out of Botswana for 19 years prior – focused on dorper genetics today – he farms across several farms in the Karoo and moves with the seasons to ensure sustainable farming. Farming is in our blood and it’s been a blessing to always be able to fall back on this deep understanding of what impact passionate farming has on the end product.




An Online Biltong Store –  Delivered to your Home



1.  A meat deboning, portioning, production, blending and distribution factory dedicated to supplying single origin, traceable and ethically farmed meat to restaurants, hotels, catering companies, lodges, and corporates.

2.  A wholesale factory outlet for the public to order meat conveniently via email, to your specification and collected at our factory.


With a history originally starting in the IT world – The universe had a different plan for me. Spending enough time in restaurants and the retail trade showed me the commercial aspects of business and the deep divide between consumer and product – this was even more evident when entering the meat processing and production trade in 2012. After successfully managing and operating two commercial outlets situated in the fastest growing suburbs in Africa…

My attention drew to a dedicated wholesale production factory that will close this divide between consumer and product – this dream became a reality in 2015 and Bull & Bush Meat Merchants was built. I trust that my simple upbringing will keep me humble and dedicated to deliver quality, consistency and build relationships with all I supply.


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